Protecting Heavy Equipment When Not in Use

Heavy Equipment Not in Use

As a heavy equipment operator or distributor, you know it’s crucial to find secure storage options to protect your equipment when it’s not in use. Whether you use your equipment seasonally or need storage options for equipment you likely won’t use again, you want to prevent breakage and damage from the elements.

At Bid Equip, we offer warehousing solutions and a premier auction platform to help you store or sell dormant equipment.

Benefits of Warehousing Heavy Equipment

By using a warehouse to store your equipment while it’s not in use, you’ll gain advantages like these:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Placing your machinery in a warehouse while it’s not in use will let you make the most of your current space and cost less than building a new facility.
  • Accessibility: While you need to have a place to store your equipment when it’s not in use, you also want to be able to access it when you need it. Most warehouses have locations near highways and airports, which makes accessibility a breeze.
  • Heavy Equipment Safety: Leaving your equipment on-site may seem like a good option — until you need to leave for the day. Warehouses provide around-the-clock protection from theft and unauthorized use, saving you from additional expenses.

Heavy Equipment Warehouse Needs

As you look for a warehouse to fit your needs, here are some factors to consider:

  • Height/space needed to store your equipment
  • Safety precautions that the warehouse follows
  • Climate control provided at the warehouse to maintain the equipment

How to Prepare Heavy Equipment Before Storage

Once you’ve selected a storage facility to your liking, it’s essential to perform maintenance on your equipment before storing it:

  1. First, clean the equipment to remove any dirt that may cause a blockage once it hardens, then lubricate all moving parts.
  2. Before moving the equipment to the warehouse, be sure to disconnect the battery to keep it from draining while in storage.
  3. If you have any attachments, inspect them for damage and then lower them to the ground for storage.

Prepping Your Equipment for Auction

If you have equipment you’re not going to use again, selling it at an equipment auction can help you get a return on your investment. Follow these key steps to get your equipment ready to sell:

  1. Organize your paperwork: Collect purchase documents, records of repairs and any other valuable paperwork so your equipment is ready to sell.
  2. Categorize your equipment: If you have pieces that will likely sell better combined, consider putting them together in a lot.
  3. Complete repairs: Inspect your equipment for any repair and equipment maintenance needs and ensure each piece is in optimal condition for selling.

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