Our Services

At Bid Equip LLC, we provide a range of services designed to make buying and selling heavy equipment fast and simple. Our business is open to customers nationwide, and we will go above and beyond to deliver superior service and excellent value.

Your Full-Service Auction House

We strive to be the best auction house in the country, and that's just part of what we do. We also deliver multiple expert services designed to meet all your needs.


We have monthly online equipment auctions where we move millions of dollars in machinery each year. Our inventory is always growing and includes a wide range of the toughest machines available, including forklifts, construction equipment, aerial lifts, metalworking machinery and much more at the most affordable rates.


If you have industrial machinery or heavy equipment you want to sell, talk to us about our buying services. We're interested in everything from a single machine to your complete asset inventory. We'll give you top dollar while taking care of logistics and paying a commission when your item sells.


Holding monthly auctions means we need a lot of inventory on hand, and we're willing to pay for your help. If you have a lead on used equipment for sale or a business looking to liquidate assets, pass it to us and we'll pay cash once we make a deal.


Find out what your equipment is worth before listing it for sale with our appraisal services. We have experts on our team who will come to your location, inspect your used and surplus assets, and provide you with an honest and accurate estimate of the price you could expect at auction.


If you're ready to sell, we're prepared to buy. We'll make you a competitive offer on the equipment you have and pay cash. We also offer item consignment where we'll display your heavy equipment or metalworking machinery for sale on your behalf and help you complete the sale.

Plant Clean Outs

We have the equipment and resources to provide complete plant clean outs. With this start-to-finish service, we'll auction off your heavy equipment right from your location. Afterward, we'll take care of the rest with complete disassembly and removal, leaving you with a swept floor and clean slate.


We're located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with over 20 acres of outdoor storage and a 100,000-square-foot heated warehouse. We have space for all your equipment and the capability to move it. Our heated warehouse has 75-foot-tall ceilings, a 60-ton remote-controlled bridge crane and 24-hour security guards, cameras and alarms.

Connect With the Best Place to Sell Industrial Equipment: Bid Equip, LLC

Whether you're looking to buy or sell used equipment or machinery, the team at Bid Equip LLC can help you achieve your goals and improve your bottom line.

Message us today for assistance or to get more information. Also, be sure to browse our upcoming auctions for the latest additions. For help over the phone, please call us at 484-494-6846.


"I sign up for the auctions every time they have one. I always get a good deal and the company is easy to work with - I highly recommend them!"


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