Heavy Equipment Consignment

Want to know where to sell your heavy equipment on consignment? Bid Equip's consignment services offer a simple and convenient solution. We already hold the largest heavy equipment auctions online. With consignment, we'll include your item in the lot, putting it in front of thousands of potential customers nationwide.

Consigning With Bid Equip LLC

​Bid Equip LLC offers a variety of different options when consigning your equipment with us.

Reasons Businesses Consign With Us

There are many reasons businesses consign equipment for sale. The most common include:

  • Liquidation: Companies consign to help liquidate their assets. This provides companies with a swift and effective solution when going through a restructuring phase or when looking for a way to streamline their operations. No matter the circumstances, we give these companies the easiest way to sell heavy equipment online.
  • Closing business: Businesses close and need to sell equipment, and we’re here to help them. By providing them with a fast and convenient way to sell their heavy machinery, we make the transition less painful and help them recoup some of their investments.
  • Retirement: When a functioning machine is removed from service, our machinery consignment gives the company that owned it the opportunity to get back some of its value. Well-maintained machines that are no longer needed for day-to-day operations can find a good home elsewhere.
  • Job completion: If a company no longer needs equipment, our consignment services give it the chance to part with it quickly and cost-effectively to take the burden off its shoulders.

What We Offer You

Our services extend beyond hosting your equipment consignment at auction. We'll go the extra mile and help close the deal so you can get the capital you need to make your next move:

  • Trust: We have satisfied customers all over the world who have bought items from our auctions. Our transparency with our customers since 2001 has created a strong, trusting relationship.
  • Free shipping quotes: Consigning with us gives you national exposure, and we encourage people to bid on your items by providing free shipping quotes on your equipment.
  • In-person equipment inspections: We allow our customers to come in and inspect any item listed in our auction. They'll feel more confident they're making the right decision and be more likely to buy with this option. All the equipment featured in our auctions is stored at our 100,000-square-foot warehouse facility in Lester, PA, just minutes from Philadelphia International Airport. We make it easy for prospective customers to see everything we have to offer.
  • Financing: If you choose to sell your heavy equipment through us, you can rest assured there will be minimal costs involved. The only actual cost involved in selling used equipment through our services is a small percentage of the final sale. This also will be communicated to you during the signup process, so you’re not surprised.

Consignment Industries We Serve

Here at Bid Equip, we can offer you insight into a variety of industries, including:

Contact us or call us at 484-494-6846 today at Bid Equip to find out additional information or ask any questions you may have!


"I sign up for the auctions every time they have one. I always get a good deal and the company is easy to work with - I highly recommend them!"


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The Benefits of Consignment

Learn More About Consigning Heavy Equipment

Consigning your heavy equipment or machinery to us so we can sell it at an industrial auction offers multiple benefits whether you're looking to move a single item or empty a building:

  • Simplicity: Selling machinery online with us is simple and much easier than trying to sell a piece of machinery yourself. We handle all of the work for you!
  • Exposure: We have over 20 years of experience and hold auctions each month. We'll get your item seen.

Preparing Your Equipment for Auction

Before selling your machinery on consignment, it’s important to make sure it will be as appealing to potential buyers as possible. This involves cleaning all surfaces thoroughly and taking care of any necessary maintenance tasks.

Taking the time to make your machines look as good as they can will make it much easier for you to sell your heavy equipment online through our platform. We provide extensive photos for every listing, so it’s essential to make sure your machines are camera-ready.

To get more information or start with consignment to sell your equipment online, please reach out to our team by using our contact form or calling us at 484-494-6846.

Mark your calendars for our next auction!