Bid Equip LLC hosts a monthly used heavy equipment auction online that anyone can participate in. Our comprehensive inventory of used equipment contains a broad range of items, including metalworking machines, construction equipment, forklifts and more. We post the dates before the auction begins so you can sign up and check back on listings as others place their bids.

Our auctions are a convenient way to secure quality construction equipment for your operation. The auction items come from top industry brands known for their longevity, so you can feel confident that you’re getting equipment that will work for you. Learn more about how our auctions can set you ahead of the competition and help you stay within budget.

Benefits of Using Online Auctions to Buy Heavy Equipment

Online auctions have a unique set of perks compared to the classic, on-site version. When you sign up for our auctions, you can browse various equipment at your leisure and bid on the heavy equipment and machines you’re interested in. We have a convenient bidding page where you can monitor bids and browse for more items at the same time.

Online auctions are:

  • Convenient: You can shop from wherever you are, whether states away or right up the road. You can also save time on heading to an auction site by placing bids from your computer or smartphone.
  • Inclusive: We have an expansive inventory of quality machines from name brands, so you’ll likely find suitable equipment for your company.
  • Safe: We have a secure website, so you’ll only see confirmed listings in our auctions. We protect your data so you can have a secure shopping experience.
  • Cost-effective: Used equipment helps you save money while getting the tools you need for work. Our used auctions are ideal for getting high-quality used machines and tools at a great price.

An online auction for heavy equipment is a great place to find what you need for construction work or other projects. If you’re interested in sourcing quality used equipment, consider our online auction to streamline the process.

Learn More From Bid Equip LLC

Bid Equip LLC has years of experience in the heavy-duty machinery industry. We have worked with companies of all sizes and provided unmatched services and products. We can move and store equipment in our secure warehouse, and we have the capability to haul heavy equipment.

Discover our auctions for used equipment and discover how easy it is to secure quality tools and machines for your projects. Contact us today to find out more or check our website for our upcoming heavy equipment auctions.