4 Questions to Ask When Buying Metalworking Machinery

4 Questions to Ask When Buying Metalworking Machinery

If you’re looking to buy used metalworking machines online, you want to be confident that you’re getting a dependable, hardworking piece of equipment. Inspecting the machine in person is the best option, but it’s not always possible. Asking these four questions will help ensure you’re buying a quality machine that matches your budget and business needs.

1. Why Are You Selling the Machine?

Before buying a used metalworking machine, whether it’s nearby in Pennsylvania or across the continent, you want to know why the company or individual is selling it. The seller may have needed the machinery for a specific process and then chose to buy something more versatile with that job complete. When this is the case, you can be fairly confident that the equipment is in a good — or at least workable — condition.

It may be that the seller experienced some problems with the machine and wants to buy a more reliable model. Regardless of the reason, you’ll want to know this information before money changes hands.

2. How Old Is the Machine?

While metalworking machines can last for decades, you still want to know how old a machine is when you buy it. Knowing the age of a machine will tell you if it’s still under warranty and whether the manufacturer still supplies parts. Even if you buy a like-new metalworking machine, finding parts can quickly become a time-consuming treasure hunt if the manufacturer no longer makes them.

3. What Condition Is the Machine In?

Once you know the age of the machine, you want to determine its condition. Let’s say a seller tells you a machine is new, but you see some severe wear and tear upon further inspection. The wear could signify that the equipment is older than the seller says and that you’re not working with a reputable dealer.

Additionally, knowing what condition the machine is in will tell you if you can use it immediately or if you need to repair any issues beforehand.

4. How Was the Machine Used and Maintained?

From soft copper alloys to tough cast iron, professionals use metalworking machinery to process numerous materials. Knowing the type of metal the machine cut most often will give you essential information on how much wear and tear it experienced and the likelihood of potential issues. Be sure to ask how the machine was maintained and prepared for work, especially if the previous owner used it for hard metals.

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